A simple drawing on paper may be the shape of a hat in the eyes of reasonable “adults”, while it may simultaneously be a python that swallowed an elephant in the eyes of children who is full of imagination as the Little Prince. Discover Originality in ordinary life is fun. KOOL is a graffiti application with extremely simple and delicate design. KOOL is “LOOK” spelt in reverse, and is pronounced as “COOL”. It combines ordinary “look”(LOOK) with transitory inspiration (cool), connecting reality with thinking, and thinking leaping over reality.

The users of “KOOL” can participate and diverge in the topics provided by the APP, meanwhile, they can start their own creative path from the interesting images in daily life. They can find like-minded friends, giving comments to their creation or just simply “Like” the creation that they are fond of.

KOOL helps people interpret the relationship with nature and the connections with others, complete thoughts visualizing and finding the joy of life.

KOOL, Look different!